Issue with training colab notebook (aug 11 2021)

In the training notebook, I got an error first saying “can’t import name load_config from” so I changed “from import load_config” to “from TTS.config.init import load_config” but then I got an error saying “file not found: /content/TTS/TTS/tts/configs/config.json” so I changed this to “/content/TTS/TTS/speaker_encoder/configs/config.json” and got another error. There seems to overall be lots of errors with the training colab notebook due to it being outdated. If someone could look over it and just make a few changes so it works properly that would be great since I’m not that good at coding anyways. Also having a colab notebook is useful to people who don’t have the proper hardware to train models. Here are the steps to reproduce: just go to the colab notebook which I’ve provided below and run all the cells until you get the errors.

Colab notebook