Issues with Gateway multiple NodeMcu Smart Switches


Firstly I am really loving Mozilla Things framework and gateway, I decided to convert my custom smart home over to it and it’s been going great. But I am seeing some strange behavior with some smart switches I’ve built using nodemcus and some relays. Code for which can be found here:

Either switch hooked up works fine, their code and build is identical. They both have different MAC and IPs. But when I plug the second one in and add it to the gateway the original stops responding to property updates and cannot be discovered if removed. I do not see anything else in the logs to tell me why and I am starting to pull my hair out. Can anyone tell me if there is some kind of logging I can enable to better troubleshoot my issues?


@hobinjk any ideas here?

I’d make sure you’re modifying this line on each upload because otherwise there will be two switches both named “w25” which will create the behavior you’re seeing

Yep changing that value on one of the switches solved the issue for me. Thanks @mstegeman and @hobinjk, now I am finally all moved over to using Mozilla Things Gateway for my smart home. Can’t wait to see what you guys add next!