JavaScript syntax errors: false positives

(Olr) #1

Hi *,

I tried to upload an update of my new WebExtension, but the JS parser detects a syntax error and prevents me to push the new version to the repository.

This parser is wrong. There is no syntax error here. It works.

It’s not the first time it happens.
Few week ago, it happened.
It also happened few days ago. Then I could upload the extension the day after.
And now that I want to upload an update, it occurs again.

Can we avoid this? Can we bypass it somehow?
I filled a bug report on GitHub, but who knows when it will be solved?

My “WebExtension” is quite new and I’d like to provide quickly an update which solves annoying bugs.

(erosman) #2

Which file do you get the error on?

(Olr) #3

The file grammalecte/fr/gc_rules.js