Javascript's alert does not work in responsive design mode

(Trent) #1


When working in responsive design mode, using javascript alert() doesn’t do anything.

This is really frustrating for debugging and sometimes I think that the page is cached or something else is wrong before I remember alerts just do not work in responsive design mode.

So now everytime I test my sites for mobile I use chrome, which sucks because I hate chrome and want to use firefox.

What is the reasoning behind this? I’m sure alerts work on mobile, so why when im emulating mobile will they not work.

I am using firefox developer edition 58.0b11.



(Mike Ratcliffe) #2

This would be… sorry, I don’t know any more than what you can read in that bug report.

(Annoyed ATM) #3

This is the most annoying bug ever… please fix it or give us back the ability to use older firebug. I spend hours of my time forgetting about this and trying to figure out why things dont work. I am on the latest ESR and this should be corrected there!