Firebug was the only reason I use Firefox... Everything is missing!

(Jade Cactus) #1

If I wanted to use the same interface for the inspector that every other browser uses, then I’d use another browser. The only reason I stick with FF is because of Firebug - the interface is way better AND it has that right-click contextual menu that I use every day. I can’t work without being able to see Resize - Display Window Size in Title (among other features)…

So I had to downgrade Firebug and FF to version 56. Now that I downgraded though, my Firebug inspector is blank !! I am going to try downgrading to yet an older version of FF and see if that fixes the issue. I won’t upgrade Firefox until the old interface and features from Firebug are implemented again.

OK, I just downgraded to FF 55.03 and everything is working again. Hoping to find Firebug features are added back to a newer version of Firefox, but until then, I’m sticking with the better version…

(Julien Wajsberg) #2


About the “display window size in title” feature, have you tried our responsive mode ? You simply toggle it by typing “ctrl + shift + M” (replace “ctrl” with “cmd” on Mac OS X).

You can get some more information about it in

Please tell us if this works for your use case, and otherwise why it doesn’t. Also if you need anything else, please tell us :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support !


(Nicolas Chevobbe) #3

Also, in Nightly (59), with the ruler tool on, you will see a rectangle with the updated dimensions of the window

(Jade Cactus) #4

I’ve seen that, it’s a feature I’ve used in safari but doesn’t help me identify breakpoints that I need to adjust/customize so its useless for my work. I need to be able to see exactly where some items break and I add custom breakpoints a lot in my stylesheets so my work is as perfect as I can get it. I need to see those pixels while i resize the window…

That feature is one of the most important tools I use on a daily basis.

(Harald Kirschner) #5

You might be running into downgrading issues that broke your profile. I recommend enabling sync and creating a new profile: . For security, I also recommend using Firefox ESR (52 based), as 56 is not getting any security patches.

As Nicolas said, what you mentioned landed on Nightly and will hit 59 release. What else did you miss from the right-click menu?

(johng) #6

I completely agree!!

(Alex Kravchenko) #7

This is a huge minus for Mozilla, many use this browser only because of firebug, I’ll soon say goodbye to this browser, it does not make sense anymore…