Just log in to say farewell to Firefox, after about 20 years... Bye, FF extension!

I’ve been a hardcore FF user since, I don’t remember when… The most attractive point of FF is the amazing feel of controlling everything under FF, with the help of add-ons. I’ve developed my own add-on(s), mainly for my own usage. I rely heavily on FF with my own extension during my work, and really enjoyed it.
I had to dig deep into omni.jar to make some modifications. I had to portal my projects from XUL to, and live with, so-called Web-Extension which had been weakened hugely. I had to wait for some bug fix to recover some functions of my extensions… Oh I miss it. Generally I had been fairly content with FF, until, suddenly I noticed that installation of unsigned extension is prohibited recently in most version of FF. I would never bother myself to go through those signature stuff. I tried the “developer version” but did not find it satisfactory under my Ubuntu18.04.
Finally, now I am happy with Chrome with better speed and performance, and more important, with my extensions working!
Farewell, FF extension!

Recently? It has been enforced since Firefox 48 released nearly 5 years ago.

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