Just log in to say farewell to Firefox, after about 20 years... Bye, FF extension!

I’ve been a hardcore FF user since, I don’t remember when… The most attractive point of FF is the amazing feel of controlling everything under FF, with the help of add-ons. I’ve developed my own add-on(s), mainly for my own usage. I rely heavily on FF with my own extension during my work, and really enjoyed it.
I had to dig deep into omni.jar to make some modifications. I had to portal my projects from XUL to, and live with, so-called Web-Extension which had been weakened hugely. I had to wait for some bug fix to recover some functions of my extensions… Oh I miss it. Generally I had been fairly content with FF, until, suddenly I noticed that installation of unsigned extension is prohibited recently in most version of FF. I would never bother myself to go through those signature stuff. I tried the “developer version” but did not find it satisfactory under my Ubuntu18.04.
Finally, now I am happy with Chrome with better speed and performance, and more important, with my extensions working!
Farewell, FF extension!

Recently? It has been enforced since Firefox 48 released nearly 5 years ago.

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I agree. Long time user of FF but no more. I use Chrome, Edge, Opera & FF. I also like a ton of tabs open at same time ( Being 70, I have SADD - Senior Attention Deficit Disorder). Only FF doesn’t allow me to easily save & reload tabs. I did an add on search & could only come up with New Tab Suspender, but no way to save or reload. Check out The Great Suspender in Chrome for a great add in. But FF now won’t allow Chrome Extensions. Way to bury your head in the sand as Google & MS both allow this as does Opera.

Chrome has blocked The Great Suspender for containing malware.

We’re happy to support Chrome add-on developers who want to make their extensions available on Firefox, but we, like Chrome, also don’t want our users to be infected with malware.

Sorry but I did not expect such response in this professional forum.
Configuration of xpinstall.signatures.required was possible before, but now only in ESR, Deverloper and Nightly version. I could not find a satisfactory version of those for Unbuntu.
However, in Chrome, I can work round by installing from unpacked extension, since I do not even need to pack it. And it just keeps working this way. But in FF, temporary loading of unpacked extension works only for debugging within one session.

OK. Noted. Yeah… Hope FF can win back users by posing as “safer” by doing such. Great strategy!
FF was really better.

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Possibly your distro’s packager was modifying the default behavior. Mozilla builds a Linux release for each of those versions if you want to install one directly without distro-specific modifications: https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/#product-desktop-release

Hoping it gets fixed in the next release. Currently resorting to omni.ja patching to disable the signature checking.

The fact that unsigned extensions worked on Ubuntu release (or any Linux release) was a bug. It was fixed here:

If you want to use unsigned extensions, you’ll need to use developer edition, nightly, or ESR.

Or just sign your extensions on AMO and don’t list them.