Kindy assess Math 1 skill test

Hi there,
I would really appreciate if anyone could check the JS for this skills test, specifically Step 5.

Code Pen

Thanks in advance.

Hi there @thomjavare, thanks for getting in touch!

Your CodePen link doesn’t appear to point to anywhere — can you check it, and send me the correct one? Thanks!

Sorry man, it seems the hyperlink button does not work so I just copied the link and pasted directly in the message field. Apologies.

And also thanks

@thomjavare no worries at all.

I’ve looked over your code, and it works really nicely - well done on some great work.

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I think what needs to be looked at here is step 5’s direction to call the variable evenOddCheck. In the given code, a variable for evenOddResult is made. No where in the rest of the problem does the evenOddCheck variable get used. Therefore it doesn’t change the result of your paragraph stating if final result is even or if its odd.

@daedaluscode it does get used; check out the following block, which is the whole code, including the answer from our marking guide:

let finalResult;

let evenOddResult;

// Add your code here

let number1 = 4;
let number2 = 8;
let number3 = 12;
let number4 = 8;

let additionResult = number1 + number2;
let subtractionResult = number3 - number4;

finalResult = additionResult * subtractionResult;

evenOddResult = finalResult % 2;

// Don't edit the code below here!

section.innerHTML = ' ';
let para1 = document.createElement('p');
let finalResultCheck = finalResult === 48 ? `Yes, well done!` : `No, it is ${ finalResult }`;
para1.textContent = `Is the finalResult 48? ${ finalResultCheck }`;
let para2 = document.createElement('p');
let evenOddResultCheck = evenOddResult === 0 ? 'The final result is even!' : 'The final result is odd. Hrm.'
para2.textContent = evenOddResultCheck;


I see it now, for some reason i read over it and never saw the = at the end of it.