Kurdish language (mis)classification and Kurmanji request

Kurdish is one of the languages in progress. However I think it is necessary to classify which one of the Kurdish dialects it is. Kurdish language family consists of many major dialects: Kurmanji, Sorani, Palewani, Zaza and Gorani. Mostly spoken among these are Kurmanji and Sorani.
I am guessing the Kurdish listed in Common Voice is the Sorani dialect since it is predominantly written in the Perso-Arabic script.
I would like to collect voice samples in Kurmanji dialect, which is written in latin-based Hawar script and spoken by 15 million people.
Would it be possible to add it to Pontoon as a new language so that Kurmanji speakers can also contribute?

If the language is on our standard list, it can be added to pontoon as a new language:


If it’s not listed there as a language, we’ll capture phonetic differences through accents. Today I’ll be posting an big update on our language and accents strategy.

Published now: Common Voice languages and accent strategy v5