Requesting Pashto language in Common Voice

I understand the first step in adding the Pashto language is to have the Common Voice website localized. Can you please add Pashto in pontoon? Language details:

  • Language: Pashto
  • Code: PS
  • Script: Arabic
  • Code: Arab

Thank you!
Zalaan Team

Hi Zalaan,

Thanks for your interest in Common Voice!

Could you create a GitHub issue here:

And it would be helpful if you could answer the following:

1) What Mozilla product are you hoping to localise? 

2) Which language code should be used? (ISO-639-1, ISO-639-3, country code).

3) How many plural forms are in the language? To give an example,
how would you translate the following phrases:

   - *0 rocks*
   - *1 rock*
   - *2 rocks*
   - *3 rocks*
   - *4 rocks *
   - *5 rocks*
   - *10 rocks*
   - *20 rocks*
   - *100 rocks*
   - *1000 rocks*
   - *I see 0 rocks on the ground*
   - *I see 1 rock on the ground*
   - *I see 10 rock on the ground*
   - *I see rocks on the ground*

4) For sustainability of the localisation, are you hoping to localise alone or do you have friends that will join

You can also find more documentation here:

Hi Francis,

Thanks for responding.

I created the GitHub issue, using the standard template. You can find answers to questions 2) and 3) here

  1. we are hoping to localize all Common Voice related products. Given it’s 50-60 millions speakers base, Pashto is under-represented in voice recognition tech.

  2. I have other friends who are currently localizing who will join me once the language is set up on Common Voice.

Zalaan Team

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Thanks for submitting the request. It will go through the usual channels. There is a bit of a delay at the moment for Mozilla-internal reasons, but rest assured we will keep an eye on it and get back to you as soon as possible.