Language lesson recommendations?

A bunch of us are using Duolingo, and of course we know about Rosetta Stone. Does anyone else have a favorite resource they would recommend for language learners?

I have used the Teach Yourself courses for a few languages. They have full courses where you use a book and you use CDs, but I prefer the courses that are CD only, easier to use on the fly.

I’ve also used the Android app “Learn like Kids” for French. It’s similar to Rosetta Stone and Duolingo in the teaching style, they show you an image, and say the word and then they quiz you by showing you several images and then you have to tap the one that matches the words (the words are said and displayed in text).

I can dig up links if anyone is interested in more information.

In an attempt to create a language that was easy for all to learn, and would promote world peace, physician and linguist L. L. Zamenhof developed Esperanto and published the first book detailing the language in 1887. It has become popular in some circles, and has the two-letter ISO abbreviation “eo”, as well as a flag. See the Wikipedia article at for more info.

On Duolingo Esperanto is a “work-in-progress”, not yet ready for primetime. However, when I was making a feeble effort to learn it, long before Duolingo was around, I found my way to, lernu! – a site which describes itself as "a multilingual website that provides free courses and information on the international language Esperanto" and may be of interest to some here.

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