Language policy for this category

I think it would be hypocritical to limit use of this project to only English speakers. In this category it’s ok to speak your native language. I know most people who can will use English anyway as it is the most common language, but if you need to use a different language to ask or answer a question, please do. The rest of us know how to use the internet to look up translations.

One thing I would suggest is that as we get groups of people learning the same language, I’ll create sub-categories for those languages. Please try to stick to posting in that language in those subcategories. Of course it’s ok to bend the rule. Let’s say I’m asking a question in French in a Francais sub-category. It might make sense for someone to answer my question in English to give me a better understanding. It’s totally cool to help each other out in whichever language achieves it best!

Could you create a Spanish subcategory? I need to freshen up my Spanish skills :smiley:

Sure, could someone type Espanol properly? I’m hoping that the
sub-categories will allow the special characters. I’ll copy/paste.

I yahooed it :wink: done!

So after trying to speak in French for the Francais category, I wanted to emphasize that if you need to speak your native language that’s ok! If you’re not at the level to ask questions in your new language, then don’t. It’s just a reminder that if we are capable, we should push ourselves.