Stop screwing up Firefox. The recent UPDATE 92.01 changed the Bookmark drop down so it has too much space between bookmark folders and between bookmarks.
Who has their head in a dark place as they approve these asinine UPDATES?

Calm down…you know…

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If you had a visual perception disability that FF ignore despite the ADA statutes that set standards of accessible design for and FF keeps moving farther from accessible design, you might be pissed to. What if your keyboard had a different arrangement of the keys every week and you had to figure out the new keyboard weekly?
Every time I post a polite suggestion about FF accommodating the visual processing disabled, they disapprove of the post and delete it.
How rude and even illegal.
I have bookmarks that I access frequently that I cannot access after the recent update.

Hi Mark, tightening up the spacing of bookmarks is one of the most popular ideas on Mozilla’s new feedback site:

In Firefox 93 (scheduled to release on October 5th), the optional Compact density setting will tighten up the bookmark menus that drop from the main toolbar and bookmarks toolbar. Here’s a preview from the Developer Edition (based on beta):

Note that this revision is limited to the “panel style” drop-downs from the toolbars, and doesn’t extend to the classic top menu bar or right-click context menus. Those are a fight for another day.

My concern is not the version 89 changes. The bookmarks drop down was fine until 2 days ago. I rarely close FF. I just allow it to download updates to be installed the next time I close FF, usually about once a week. FF was starting to drag so I closed it to restart it. FF is a horrible memory hog when streaming. Closing it dumps the memory hog that has developed.

When I restarted FF, the bookmarks were in this new horrible format that only display 22 bookmarks or bookmark folders in the vertical box. I had visually remembered the bookmarks I use frequently. They changed the spacing and the text and background colors.

If FF knew this was a problem, why did they make it worse with the recent update?

FF needs a better feedback communication system.

FF needs a Disabilities Accessibility Department. When I try to start a discussion about FF needing an Accessibility Department, my post is deleted.

I have a brain injury that impacts how my brain perceives visual images, especially when spacing, contrast and color are not accessible. My brain behaves like that of an elderly person. FF does not appear to care about how their changes impact the way people visually perceive and process FF.

I NEED TEXT UNDER ICONS. MY BRAIN DOES NOT RECOGNIZE WHAT ICONS OR SIMILAR IMAGES MEAN. iT IS CALLED VISUAL AGNOSIA. FF removed that option with the release of Quantum. That freakin old school building does not mean HOME to me unless is has HOME in text under it.

FF, Stop making FF more inaccessible.

Menu spacing changed in Firefox 89. Some people used an about:config preference to postpone the change to Firefox 91.

Firefox 92 changed the bookmarks toolbar menu folder drop-downs from the old style used for context menus to the newer style used for the application menu, but that didn’t change the spacing of the items. It did break the userChrome.css workaround if you wanted padding of less than 4px; an additional line is required as mentioned in the code here:

On the in-product menu, Help > Submit Feedback now leads to the Crowdicity site I mentioned before.

It was deleted from this site, or another site? This appears to be your first thread on this site, judging from your profile.

That wasn’t a built-in option in Firefox 29-56, either, but perhaps you were using an add-on to show the combination of image and text. Since Firefox 57, you’ve needed to use a userChrome.css file for that. How have you been coping these past 4 years?

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