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(Mauro Di Bert) #1

Hi! I wanted to know, how can I do to report some things I’ve been thinking about to contribute with things as design without knowing how to do them on code. For instance: it could be really helpful in long articles (but in everypage really), to have a button to go top page or better a menu to go directly focus to the list on the left to find something faster. Here the example: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/CSS/Styling_text/Styling_links

How can I do to report this things? Thanks!

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(Chris Mills) #2

Hi Mauro,

Thanks for your ideas. Starting threads on this Discourse channel is probably the best way to discuss new ideas for MDN pages.

Descriptions are good; simple mockups are better, to show us exactly what you mean.

Feel free to mention me in the post (e.g. with a @) so I get pinged by mail and can make sure your ideas get to the most relevant people quicker.

(Mauro Di Bert) #3

Great! I’ll do now! Tks! :wink:

(Mauro Di Bert) #4

Look @chrismills. This is the idea:

You’re in a large page and want to go to another page from the course list:

You’re here:

And you want to go here:

Could be nice to have some sort of button arrow to go up, a fixed one that appears when the upper part of the page (list course and that) dissapear and let you go fast upwards.

Is this post better? Tks again!

p/d: and do I create one of each for one new idea? For instance I’m thinking could be usefull to have integrated a thing for marking up the page, cutting staff for our profile, could making also a personal dictionary, etc.

(Chris Mills) #5

This is an interesting idea, and I can see why you’d want it.

In a future iteration, we are intending to have a sticky menu at the top of the page that travels down with the content, but this would contain the immediate page menu (i.e. the stuff under “In this article”), not the sidebar for the whole page set.

Perhaps we could add a “Scroll to top” type link to this sticky menu, which could be shown or hidden as required in the page options (it would be more useful for this type of page, but not so useful for a reference page where the page is shorter and the structure is always the same).

I’m pinging our front end dev @Stephanie_Hobson too, to see what she thinks.

Thanks Mauro!

(Chris Mills) #6

Yes, this is fine. And yes, I would do one for each idea, as it makes the threads much easier to follow.