Links to pretrained models

In this topic we want to collect links to pretrained models and checkpoints in various languages.


You can find a german model with checkpoints here:

and here:

A welsh model is here:


You can now find my german model, as well as models for french and spanish here:

Just a reminder for @lissyx that you wanted to pin this thread:)

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Thanks for the reminder. For more context, we want to find a better solution to that problem, so hopefully we should have something online sooner rather than later (with proper metadata, licensing, versions informations, etc). In the meantime, let’s hope it helps people find resources :slight_smile:

Nice, it shows my project is not known enough:

Actually I did know about the project, but didn’t know you already trained and published a model, because I couldn’t read the french readmes …
And for some reason I also didn’t check the releases page :see_no_evil:

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There is as well and in English :[