Collection of pretrained deepspeech models

Dear Mozilla Team, I would like to express my appreciation for your marvelous work!

As a result of your effort, I was wondering if there is (a list of) place(s) where people upload (and one can download) their best pre-trained models?

So far I have found your pre-trained models in git, and my queries did not yet return such .pbmm and .scorer files from other sources.

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Use Google and search for “DeepSpeech French model” or which language are you looking for?

While neither duckduckgo, nor ecosia returned a list of english pretrained deepspeech models, I am not looking for a language specific deepspeech model.

In stead I am wondering if there exist (curated) lists of pre-trained deepspeech models, and if yes where they would be located as my queries have not yet been successful.

We don’t have such a list yet, your best bet is finding people who are working on models here.

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You can find a german model with checkpoints here:

and here:

@lissyx could you pin a thread where we collect links to pretrained models?
I think this could be helpful for a lot of users.


Please start one, I’ll be happy to pin it.

Done: Links to pretrained models

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Yes, awesome idea @lissyx thank you for your suggestion!

Thank you for your initiative @dan.bmh! Beautiful :slight_smile: