Load Primary Password from file or environment

In my current project browser is streamed to remote user via VNC like protocol. Unfortunately I need to run it in FIPS mode which require unlocking with Primary Password.
I am looking for a way to provide Primary Password to Firefox via file, command line or environment variable.

There is no way to do this currently, nor can I think of a practical way to accomplish it which would make sense. If you trusted the environment enough to retrieve the Primary Password from it, you wouldn’t need Primary Password in the first place. You can disable the Primary Password, but if that profile has it enabled you will need to manually enter it before you can do so.

Perhaps I’m missing something though, I’m certainly open to suggestions.

@Pawel_Kwiatkowski thanks for sharing the idea.

Command line or environment variables will leak Primary Password. We can not have that. Files can be a bit more “secure”, but for majority of users it will be another way to compromise them.

All I can think of most likely will not make your compliance policies happy. I’m assuming you can not disable FIPS?

Unfortunately FIPS is required :confused:

Primary password cannot be disabled in FIPS mode.