Lockbox constantly logging me out

So not sure why but every few days when I go to log into something Lockbox itself needs logging into and when the thing that stores your passwords, including your Firefox password to log into Lockbox, and it won’t let you log in via fingerprint AND requires final authentication via receiving an email and clicking a link in the email just to make lockbox work (which also triggers security alert emails etc) the idea that this app is a convenient way to manage your passwords is quickly becoming arguable.
This really is super frustrating because it’s added to the fact that once you get all that done and you are logged in and you go to a web page and you encounter a log in page unlike with the Firefox browser password manager for PCs that autofills the username and password, with lockbox you have to wait for the app to open (quite sluggish) then search for the site you need the log in info for within the app then tap that THEN it will fill it in for you. So what should be a maybe 5 second process often becomes an up to 10-15 minute process depending on how quickly you receive your authentication email.
Lastly, since I’ve begun using lockbox I’ve had to create 6 new online accounts (including one for this site to post this) and not once did it ask if I wanted to save the user name and password for the site.
I love FF and use it everywhere on everything and I support Mozilla all I can but this app is a lot of work to be called “useful”. The consistently having to log into lockbox is confusing. Why when I just need lockbox in the background logged in and ready to go does it keep logging itself out?
Is there any thing I can do to just keep it logged in permanently? Thank you

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