Looking for an easy approach to create a small GUI for the subtitle creator script

Hey everyone,

to make Deepspeech usable for non-tech folks, I would love to create a small frontend for the subtitle creator script (that can be found in the DeepSpeech-examples repo).

I was thinking about a simple GUI, with three input fields for the model, the scorer and a wav-file. The software should be standalone, easy to install and ideally platform independent.

Which tech-stack would be ideal for this? I have no experiences with python GUIs. What are your thoughts?

EDIT: I just found the electron example app, this might be a great place to start: https://github.com/mozilla/DeepSpeech-examples/blob/r0.9/electron/Readme.md

EDIT2: I opened an issue about this on GitHub:

I just found bumblebee, another electron app that looks very promising: https://github.com/jaxcore/bumblebee/blob/master/electron-app/INSTALL.md

Not for DeepSpeech here, but the coqui guys work on an inference engine that should run on many platforms. Windows is quite challenging currently.

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