Looking settings (configuration) export-import extension for Thunderbird

Does anybody know a good settings (configuration) export-import extension for Thunderbird? I mean email account settings (mail servers, aliases, credentials, etc), also filters, Thunderbird own configuration, etc. Would be appreciated whether there can be to choose what to export. Would be appreciated also to schedule such exports for automated backup.
Using latest Thunderbird 68.x (updating frequently).
Tried ImportExportTools NG but this will handle whole profile (all mail). Do not need to handle mail as it is stored in server (IMAPs) and the mail folder is very large (lots of gigabytes). Would be nice if that extension could be improved with handling settings (configuration) also and possible to export only those and not whole profile.
Thank you!

Even if there is no such extension (yet) - even that information would be helpful if to know which files exactly in profile folder are holding account configuration (settings) and which program ones. Then writing a script that will backup them or even better - keep them in synced folder and symlinked to profile one will save the day.

There is a discussion of the features in import-export-tools-ng in issue #1: https://github.com/thundernest/import-export-tools-ng/issues/1

JorgK suggested that it should be able to export setting.

You could ask there whether such a feature might be developed in future.