Lose scroll position on categories page on mobile

(Graham Perrin) #1

Categories is a sane default for this forum.

A minor issue:


I imagine that ‘as if, no memory of swipes’ might also affect other views. However: effectively losing so many swipes feels quite disruptive at a forum, such as this, where there are naturally so many categories and where Categories is the default view.

Categories as homepage
(Leo McArdle) #2

I can’t find your topic upstream, has it been resolved?

(Graham Perrin) #3

Thanks for letting me know about the disappearance.

An archive:


– without the replies, unfortunately.

(Leo McArdle) #4

This isn’t the case with topic lists. Going back to those does retain your scroll position.

So this is an issue just with the categories page but, as you say:

We’re working to find a solution to this independently: