Lost access to my add-ons

As the author of 6 Mozilla add-ons I’ve now run in to a problem with trying to update those add-ons that are only for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. This has happened since Thunderbird and SeaMonkey add-ons were moved to their own site. If I log in to my Firefox developer hub account I can see all of the add-ons I’ve created but can’t update those that don’t support Firefox. If I log in to the Thunderbird developer account I can’t see any of my extensions even though they’re listed on the add-ons page. It seems that the 2 different accounts are not linked.

Cone someone, please, help me fix this problem. Both accounts use the same email address so I assumed that the accounts were linked. Obviously not.

My Firefox profile page is here and my Thunderbird page is here but the correct Thunderbird page is this one.

Any help getting back control of my add-ons would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



@Sancus could probably help with the ATN side.

Hi Michael,

can you make sure you are using the correct email for your account on addons.thunderbird.net? I’d not like to go into details here, but maybe if you previously used a different email account you could try logging in with that.


Just to be clear for anyone else who comes across this: addons.thunderbird.net and addons.mozilla.org are NOT linked. There was a one-time copy in July 2018. Any changes made to your AMO account after that date, such as email changes, or anything else, are NOT carried over to addons.thunderbird.net – it is 100% independent.

Thank you, Philipp, for you suggestion. I tried logging in to the Thunderbird Add-On site with all of the email addresses that I have (or might have) used, but the system didn’t recongise any of them.

Andrei, I knew that the Thunderbird and Mozilla Add-On sites are separate entities but don’t recall ever getting a email letting me know (as a developer) that this change was happening or what to do about maintaining access to my extensions.

I do still have access to my Mozilla Add-Ons account so that isn’t a problem. If someone on the Thunderbird site would like to reach out to me via email (I still have access to all of the relevant emails accounts) so you can confirm that I am the rightful owner of the extensions I would appreciate your assistance in regaining control of my account.

Thank you all for your suggestions and help