Lost access to my developer account

Hi guys, I used to have two Mozilla accounts, one for my work-related stuff, one for my personal stuff. As we were locked down in our country, I started doing many of my personal stuff in my work profile, so I effectively stopped using my personal account/profile.

As it bugged me that some passwords etc. I have in one account and others in the another one, I merged the passwords in Bitwarden (sorry, I really gave Lockwise a try, but it didn’t suit my needs very well) and changed the primary e-mails on both of my Mozilla accounts:

  • My personal account used my primary e-mail martin@struzsky.cz, and as I didn’t need that account any more, I changed its primary e-mail to blablabla@gmail.com.
  • My work account used my company’s e-mail martin.struzsky@company.com, so I changed it to my primary e-mail martin@struzsky.cz.

Everything works well, but suddenly I needed to access my developer account at AMO. While I can access my work-related addons in my work account (now with my primary e-mail address, I can’t get to manage my personal addons with the blablabla@gmail.com address. I couldn’t even login, so I resetted my password, but now my profile looks like this: https://addons.mozilla.org/cs/firefox/user/16378988/ :slightly_frowning_face:

Please, could anyone help me gain my AMO account back? The account that I need back is this one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/1003630/

Thanks for any ideas…

Hi @Soustruh, sorry for the inconvenience. Can you email this to amo-admins@mozilla.com?

Sure, thanks for your quick reply!