Make Home Page color choice for theme developers

I have had so many requests for making the home page dark or at least to match the Firefox theme a person is using. Is there a possibility that a designer may be able to choose the Home Page color for a theme soon or in the future?

If I’m understanding you correctly, there is a way to customize the background of the homepage. In Firefox Color under the Advanced Colors tab you will find one titled New Tab Background Color. It will change the color of the background. See print screens. I used one of the Preset designs as an example and customized the New Tab Background to change from the default white to the teal color.

Thanks but that doesn’t work for me. I can go and pick my theme, the Home Page is white. I go to Firefox Color, make sure I don’t have any custom backgrounds showing…go to Advanced Colors, click on black (select a color) not Firefox Default and the color stays white. I have tried this before, thinking it would work. Am I doing something wrong or in the wrong sequence?

Now this is using one of my theme designs NOT a pre-set Firefox Color theme. People are asking me for a way to change the home screen when they are using one of My themes…not Firefox Color.

I understand it’s one of your themes and not a Preset. I just chose a Preset so that I could show, in my example, which Advanced Colors setting needed to be changed to customize the homepage background.

Now I’m wondering whether what you are asking about is not YOU customizing the background but the USERS customizing it?

Perhaps I’m still misunderstanding what you’re asking for.

I have had users of my themes ask if I could change the color of the Home Page when I submit a design. And of course we can’t. I was hoping Mozilla would maybe make it so a designer could do that or, make a setting so a user could change the color of the Home Page while using a designed theme. I am sorry I don’t make myself very clear sometimes…“Old Age Fog”

No, it’s not you! It’s me. Trust me. LOL

So in the second print screen that I posted above, is that the homepage background you’re referring to? Because if it is, the background color can be changed using Firefox Color. I’ve customized some of my themes to make the background color match the theme’s background color.
Here are a couple examples.

I’m going to test out Firefox Color again though to see if it still works once online. It’s been a little while since I used it properly.


Thanks, @VanillaOrchids!

@MaDonnasPersonas, I just double-checked Firefox Color to see which properties are tied to the home page. On Firefox Color, it’s under “Advanced Colors” as “New Tab Background Color.” The AMO theme generator currently doesn’t have the ability to make that change. :frowning:

If you are coding the theme yourself, you can adjust the colors through the ntp_background and ntp_text properties.

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Thanks, Caitlin. Is there any chance the powers that be may put that choice for theme developers in the future?

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Ideally, we’d like the AMO theme generator to have similar customization options as Firefox Color (which was initially built by another team before it transferred to us) but the timeline might be a little far out. :frowning:

Thanks, Caitlin. Wishers can wish! Have a good one!