Marketpulse Week 1 - Secondary Research!

Welcome to Week 1 of “Interviewing Users for Mozilla” !

If you haven’t already completed this steps, please take a few minutes to :

  1. Introduce yourself on our Discourse List

  2. Add yourself to the Marketpulse Map.

Hashtag for this course is #mozResearch - feel free to share your thoughts,
ideas and experience throughout the week on Social Media and Discourse.(Because the more you feedback you give us, the more awesome the course gets :smile: )

The outline and activities for this week’s course can be found here.

We will post our Hangout Link for Thursday on this page 15 minutes prior to start-time.

If you have any questions, please first check the FAQ to see if it’s been answered, or respond to this topic with a question of your own.

Happy Researching! :slight_smile:

Akshay Tiwari,
Marketpulse Community Manager.