Interviewing Users for Mozilla - Week 1 Secondary Research

Welcome to Week 1 of “Interviewing Users for Mozilla” !

Even if you haven’t registered you are welcome to follow-along and to participate in our Google Hangouts.

If you haven’t already please take a few minutes to :

Hashtag for this course is #mozResearch - feel free to share your thoughts,
ideas and experience throughout the week on Social Media and Discourse.

The outline and activities for this week’s course can be found here.

I will post our Hangout Link for Thursday on this page 15 minutes prior to start-time.

If you have any questions, please first check the FAQ to see if it’s been answered, or respond to this topic with a question of your own.

Happy Researching! :slight_smile:


I posted this under the marketpulse topic :\

It’s OK - I thought you were posting to the mailing list?

¡Hola @emma_irwin!

So can you type here the “muted joke”? :smiley:

Can we share the hangout recording in social media?

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions if you have them. The new Week’s content will arrive on Tuesday!

yes of course you can share the hangout. It will be part of a self-serve course once we wrap up. Thanks!

I got a mail that I was added to the Google group. But with what should I login…

I am facing the same problem as @karthickeyan .

The google Apps is only for email ID at, Creating a now google group will solve the problem.

You should be able to mail the list still, I know this is a huge pain - and agree we need to move out of this list to either a non-mozilla domain or just use Discourse.

@bobreyes thoughts on when we should do that?

@emma_irwin Yes, I think we should create a regular email list in a non-Mozilla domain for easier communication and interaction between the course participants. Thanks!

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for anyone following - Bob and I have decided to wait until course-end before doing this (so as not to disrupt) but shortly afterwards we will.