Materials needed for upcoming Test Pilot workshop

Hey all,

Ikram is running a Test Pilot-focused community event March 17 and 18 [1].

The goal is to introduce Test Pilot to some community members, then install
and manually test the Test Pilot addon and experiments. There is a draft
event schedule at [2].

Paul, could your team provide the volunteers with test plans?

John, do we have any presentation slides about Test Pilot that could be
used for this or future Mozilla Activities around Test Pilot?

Ikram, I should point out that some of the Test Pilot experiments are
incompatible with one another, so you might want to uninstall each
experiment before installing the next. Also, if you have an example of the
kinds of materials that would be useful for the presentation, it’ll be
easier for us to provide what you’re after.

Is anyone on the team available to give a presentation or screencast on
Test Pilot? The timezone may make a screencast a better option, and a
screencast could be reused for future Test Pilot events.




Hey everyone,

Of course, we can help on this. I will gather all our Test Suites for
Test Pilot and experiments and export them from TestRail to a Google Doc
for you guys to have. It will take a bit of work (mostly formatting) but
I’ll provide you guys the link as soon as we finish it.


Hello everyone,
Thanks for helping on this. I wish to have few more things, with your help.

  1. Jared, Can you specify, which testpilot experiments will not work with
    one another? If you can know, it will help to design the session and plans
    that way.

  2. We are planning to create some documentation, to say how the experiments
    work or how we should expect to see it working. If you have some
    instruction on what behaviour you guys would like to be reported or
    anything that you guys are seeming as priority, we would like to cover
    those areas.

and beside, if respective experiments engineers can create a small intro
video, describing about the experiments, would be helpful for our
documentation work. ( Don’t need to be much bigger, say just 1 minute video
describing how each are about to work, and we can use it into our
documentation, which can be used by the larger community also)

And yes, if anyone can do screencast/ can do a presentation, the community
would be happy to see those :slight_smile:

I will be looking forward to the test cases!

~ Ikram

Hi guys,

As promised, here is the google document with our test suites on each of
the experiments where my team was requested to perform testing on .
This covers Test Pilot (platform website), Activity Stream, Min Vid,
Page Shot, Snooze Tabs and Tab Center experiments. The Cliqz (German
locale), Containers and Pulse experiments are not covered since our team
was not requested to test them.

In regards to the document, now it’s on “everyone with the link can
view” sharing option. If you want to edit it, either you can make a copy
of it on your own google account, or you can let me know to give you the
rights to edit it too. Either way you like.

Hope this helps you guys. If you have any questions regarding the
document, let me know.


Hey guys… I was also looking for similar resources. Thanks Ikram for planning this event, and thanks Jared & Paul for your help on this. We are planning similar event in India too, I am sure this will be very useful to us as well.

Ikram, since this is happening for the first time, it would be very helpful if you can create an reusable event format with all resources at one place.

Hi Ikram,

How did the event turn out overall? Do you think we can turn the materials from your event into a reusable mozilla activity? Are there materials you would like to add for the next such event?



Hey Jared and Ram,

The event was overall good. People loved using Test Pilot as a overall experience. The Test Cases were good for people to see as directions and would be useful for next events as well.

I will share my learnings from this event, at the end of this weekend. But overall, We had a packed event :wink: