Migration from phpBB Add-ons Forum

(Jorge) #1

We’ve been running an instance of phpBB forum for the Add-ons community for many years, but it’s time to move to a more modern and better maintained forum. Starting today, we’ll be telling users of the old forum to move here and start or continue their conversations around add-ons. So, many new faces coming soon :smile:.

If you’re coming here from the old forum and have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here.

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(Ken) #2

Woohoo! Hopefully our new home will be more spam-hostile than phpBB, and I can spare what little Mozilla-time I have reading instead of spam-killing! :smile:

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(Zulkarnain K.) #3

@jorgev, why not install Discourse on AMO?
Advocacy, Science and Webmaker have it.


I note the Add-ons page itself still links to the old forum.
e.g. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/
Bottom edge ‘‘Get to know Add-ons’’ Forum >>

(Jorge) #5

That would require maintenance work on our side, which we’re trying to avoid. Also, this forum is already an active location for many Mozilla communities, so it makes sense to be here and share with other people involved in Mozilla activities.

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(Jorge) #6

Yeah, we need to fix that.

(Noitidart) #7

This is so pretty. The best thing is I don’t get blocked after making a post, so I can’t make another post.

(Jorge) #8

Yes, hopefully the spammers won’t follow us here :smiley:. But I hear Discourse has better spam prevention tools anyway.

(Zulkarnain K.) #9

Let’s hope so. They attacked discourse.webmaker.org already :sweat:

(Alston McAusland) #10


I’ve encountered an issue whilst trying to install themes into Thunderbird, which has already been raised in the old forum , though the thread is a year old.

I would like to raise the issue here as a new thread, but as it will be my first post, I would just like to check the best category in which to raise it. I thought Addons-Themes would be the most suitable category, with addons.mozilla.org as second choice, but I would appreciate your guidance.

I was proposing to include a link to the old thread and the text of the 2 original posts (for completeness) in the new topic on this forum.

(Jorge) #11

Either category is fine.