Missing Data on Certain MCCMNC?

Good evening,

I’ve been contributing data to MLS for some time now, and recently contributed some data with an MCCMNC value of 312250. However, upon downloading the data back, to see my own data as well as what others may have contributed, 312250 does not appear in the dataset. Is it being filtered out, or is something else going on? I see other data I contributed, just not that.


Hello @Trip,

I’m confident that the missing data is caused by the outdated mnc_operators.json from the mobile_codes library.
This should be fixed (for new data ) once the https://github.com/mozilla/ichnaea/issues/1421 will be solved.

Seems reasonable. Any idea when that will happen? It doesn’t appear to have happened yet.

I hope to start working on this issue this week. With end-of-year holidays, it may be January before the issue is resolved.