Missing expression evaluation in the DevTools console


I really love Firefox Developer, I think it’s much sexier than Chrome, it’s dark theme is awesome, and there are some features unique to Firefox Developer like finding out the event triggered by a button right in the inspector markup view (this even works in React).

However I’m a little surprised to see that it’s missing expression evaluation in the console, in my current react project I can’t evaluate any expressions, neither in the scratchpad, I’m using webpack and I find myself using Chrome just for this feature, I’d additionally like to suggest showing the values of variables next to them in the debugger like IntelliJ and Chrome do.

Hello Bruce, that’s very odd.
What is your setup ? Could you hand us a link and some instructions on how to see the issue you’re facing ?

Unfortunately it is a private repo and I can’t share it, but seeing your response makes me think that it is something particular to this project, I will try with another repo/project and test. Sometimes the UI also hangs and the buttons stop responding, again, this might be particular to my project, will try with other projects.

It would be nice if we could figure out the issue with your project though.
Are you using a specific library ?
Are you using sourcemaps / a build process ?
Do you have some CSP rules ?
Do you use iframes, maybe sandboxed ?