Model is working on 0.7.4, but for 0.8.1 I got: ImportError: DLL load failed: No module found


I’m currently testing on windows 10, a custom deepspeech model v.0.8.1 and scorer (created within deepspeech==0.7.4 setup)

I’m using for testing a computer with windows 10 and python 3.6.

When I run the model with deepspeech==0.7.4 it is working perfectly fine.
However when I upgrade deepspeech to 0.8.0 or 0.8.1 I’m getting this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:/Users/”, line 1, in
import predict_german_speech
File “C:\Users\”, line 2, in
import deepspeech
File “C:\Users\lib\site-packages\”, line 23, in
from deepspeech.impl import Version as version
File “C:\Users\lib\site-packages\deepspeech\”, line 13, in
from . import _impl
ImportError: DLL load failed: MODULE NOT FOUND

Do you have any idea how could I solve this?
I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Run .7.4 until you remodel for .8.1?

There’s a dependency failing to load, you need to investigate with loading from C:\Users\lib\site-packages\deepspeech in dependency walker …

And if you feel this is painful, say thank you to the lack of debugging tools on Windows for that.