Future of data.firefox.com


https://data.firefox.com/ ist still showing the following notice:

Due to changes in our data infrastructure, these charts do not show data after mid-December 2019. We are working to address this issue as soon as possible.

But no update has been published since then. There are other major issues without any progress, like the request for more diverse regions in More regions or mobile users in Data of mobile users.

Can you please give an update?

A tiny fragment has recently been submitted in this blog post:

I’d love to see more open data from Mozilla!


Good news! The updates were completed about two weeks ago. We haven’t been able to deploy them, but I’ll check back in with the folks who are able to help with that.

Thanks for your patience. I know this has taken longer than expected.


The site has just been updated. Check it out! To see the new data immediately, you may need to hard-refresh. (Ctrl+Shift+R or Cmd+Shift+R)

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