Most addons do hardly anything

I’ve got uBlock, Google analytics blocker, Hide My IP VPN, Privacy Possum, Avira, HTTPS everywhere, Privacy tweaks and Privacy Badger. My address can still be seen. Don’t these do anything ? I’m not an IT person, but I am definitely a senior. I Guess the brain is slowing down. The only thing that did seem to work was something called Trust VPN, but with my income I had to pay monthly which starts to add up. Constructive ideas welcome. … Thanks Ray :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ray

All these extensions you listed (except for Hide My IP VPN) are not intended to hide your address. They are intended to make it harder to figure out who the person using this address is among other things.

I don’t know the Hide My IP VPN extension, however if it’s not working I’d recommend to uninstall it.

What a VPN does is taking all your traffic and moving it through a server before actually sending it to where you want to go. Thus you get a different IP.

Popular alternatives would be other VPN providers or the Tor network which is arguably even more privacy focused.

Thanks for your reply Martin … I’m starting to study TOR and Whonix. I didn’t want something I couldn’t easily control. Didn’t want something I couldn’t turn on or off.

This is slightly off topic: Sometimes I need an item on evilbay and can’t get paypal to remember who I am … Any suggestions ? Best to you, Ray :slightly_smiling_face: