Moving to a later date

It doesn’t look like much organisational activity has been happening surrounding this MozWeekend.

I assume @tad has been very busy like me, and I don’t think it’s reasonable to try to organise this event for a weekend in April, any more.

Should we move it to sometime late May, or sometime in the Summer? I’m going to be pretty busy for the next couple of months because of AS exams, so I’m not sure how much time I can devote to this.


@jan told me that we’re not doing it in April, so I didn’t plan anything.

It is certainly too late to plan for April now. I was thinking late June, thoughts on that?

I suppose that couple of months should have actually been 3 months. While my exams will be over by late June, organisation for an event then would be taking place right in the middle of my exams. Mid July might work better.

Of course, there are a number of things we can organise without a concrete date, such as who we’re wanting to invite, and the agenda.

Let’s aim for mid-late July

We should start working on choosing a shortlist. How about we just start an etherpad, and add people we think should go on to it? If we exceed 60, we go through together and remove some names

There are almost certinally going to be people we invite who don’t end up turning up. I posted a few solutions to that in this thread:

Maybe this could work:

  • Create a 60 list for automagical accepting
  • Invite all people, with a 2 week deadline, and accept the 60 should they fill in a form or something
  • After 2 weeks, accept responses not on the 60 list in chronological order (with screening) until we fill up the 60

We of course won’t end up with the final 60 all attending, but that doesn’t matter too much. Using this method means the right people who can come get to come, and people who are interested but weren’t on our first list can be considered. The only requirement should be a mozillians profile.

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Im opening a new discussion to decide on the next Global MozWeekends. What do you think?
There is a possibility for several MozWeekends globally ( I was invited in fact to do one in Kerala, India and Budapest, Hungary)

Yes, if event is free there will be no shows as it’s easy to click and forget. Not aware of any simple answers but google “free event no-shows”

Anything planned for this anymore?
The summer has been slowing down efforts as I see :slight_smile:

A couple of months ago, @yousef and I spent a bit of time doing planning, before exams came crashing through any free time we had. Ultimately it was decided that we needed a lot more time to organise an event of such scale, and with MozFest fast approaching, we might as well postpone it to a few months after.

In the meantime, we need to plan how to promote and present the UK community at MozFest, with it being a gathering containing so many Mozillians from the UK.

Have you designed and proposed a workshop? That’d be a good start

@leo @tad Will this still be done? Would hate to see this being abandoned :frowning:
In any case, we will have MozWeekend Tirana in February again in Albania

Not in the very near future. We still need to organise a reps get-together first.