Moz-Phab 1.1.0rc2 Released

Bugs resolved in Moz-Phab 1.1.0rc2:

  • bug 1613328 Add a warning when moz-phab is used without hg/evolve
  • bug 1617906 Display useful advice when CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED is encountered
  • bug 1651898 MozPhab is failing to continue if user has empty primaryEmail field
  • bug 1676574 Glean initialisation should be explicit, not during module import
  • bug 1731811 moz-phab reorg seems to reset the “changes planned” attribute
  • bug 1753068 Failed landing due to incorrect diff for empty files/lines.
  • bug 1762396 move to next gen CircleCI docker images
  • bug 1762403 drop support for Python 3.6 in moz-phab
  • bug 1762438 add CI for Python 3.10

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