MozDef deployment question - container restarting loop

(mt_git) #1

I deployed the stack from @

After it’s completed, I found that 7 out of 14 containers keep restarting.
From the tail log (included below), it looks like missing various python modules.

(1) 8112e917443e mozdef/mozdef_mq_worker/mozdef_mq_sqs_1_a1e2e09fba8c
2019-03-20T16:20:56.512829640Z Traceback (most recent call last):
2019-03-20T16:20:56.512869321Z File “”, line 14, in
2019-03-20T16:20:56.512877340Z from configlib import getConfig, OptionParser
2019-03-20T16:20:56.512882627Z ImportError: No module named configlib

(2) f7d5dc1bf94d mozdef/mozdef_alertplugins
2019-03-20T16:21:57.695429876Z Traceback (most recent call last):
2019-03-20T16:21:57.695483810Z File “”, line 14, in
2019-03-20T16:21:57.695491691Z from configlib import getConfig, OptionParser
2019-03-20T16:21:57.695497091Z ImportError: No module named configlib

(3) 92bb6dce6cfb mozdef/mozdef_mq_worker/mozdef_mq_cloudtrail_1_d27320f47c0d
2019-03-20T16:23:01.436461610Z Traceback (most recent call last):
2019-03-20T16:23:01.436499610Z File “”, line 13, in
2019-03-20T16:23:01.437667457Z from configlib import getConfig, OptionParser
2019-03-20T16:23:01.437721288Z ImportError: No module named configlib

(4) 048b313f3688 mozdef/mozdef_mq_worker/mozdef_mq_eventtask_1_3ed771108492
2019-03-20T16:23:38.785691831Z Traceback (most recent call last):
2019-03-20T16:23:38.785716184Z File “”, line 10, in
2019-03-20T16:23:38.785725524Z import kombu
2019-03-20T16:23:38.785730871Z ImportError: No module named kombu

(5) 95a6929443e8 mozdef/mozdef_loginput
2019-03-20T16:24:03.101466014Z Traceback (most recent call last):
2019-03-20T16:24:03.101516942Z File “”, line 7, in
2019-03-20T16:24:03.101524595Z from bottle import route, run, response, request, default_app
2019-03-20T16:24:03.101531522Z ImportError: No module named bottle

(6) da9fca123fef mozdef/mozdef_alerts
2019-03-20T16:24:43.587528720Z bash: celery: command not found

(7) 6b616a1f36cc mozdef/mozdef_rest
2019-03-20T16:25:37.335306255Z Traceback (most recent call last):
2019-03-20T16:25:37.336187902Z File “”, line 6, in
2019-03-20T16:25:37.336201867Z import bottle
2019-03-20T16:25:37.336269379Z ImportError: No module named bottle