MozFest 2014 - call for participation

Good news! Reps will rock at MozFest this year too!
Please note we only have a limited number of places so unfortunately not everyone can be accepted. The criteria we’ll use are your answers to the application form, as well as your track record as a Rep. Everyone selected will have a role.

Items 1 & 2 below are mandatory if you want to apply. Item 3 is optional,
though we do encourage it. You can find more information on this wiki page
that we will be filling out more over the coming weeks:

  1. Fill out the Application form:

  2. Join the Reps MozFest Mozillians group:

  3. Propose a session:

Thanks and best of luck!

  • Ioana


Request has not been accepted till now on MozFest Mozillias Group, Any reason?


@bking is the curator of the group and I know he was traveling these days. No worries, that doesn’t mean anything. For what is worth, I have request membership still on pending.

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I applied to the group on Mozillians just now, although I filled out the form before the deadline. Hope that’s not an issue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unfortunately it is as the voting tools imports the profiles from mozillians and the voting started. I will have to contact the web-dev to re-upload the data…

My apologies - thank you for hopefully working out that issue. By the way, my session is about to be proposed by my potential cofacilitator. How would I go about updating my application with a link to the session?

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Looking forward to Mozfest this year and hope to see many faces :smile: