[MOZFEST-IMPORTANT] Million Masked March

A prewarning for those arriving before MozFest.

On Thursday 5th, the Million Masked March will be taking place in Trafalgar Square, the main tourist area near the office.

This begins at 6PM UK Time

I’d advise, that for your safety, and convenience, you keep out of that area if possible anywhere after 5PM. Expect disruptions to transport access (bus and tube) as people arrive for the event.

The event normally continues without violence, and is mostly peaceful, but there are, as with all protests, some trouble makers. If you are not familiar with London, steering clear of Trafalgar Square is probably a reasonable idea.

There is no set route for the march, so do be aware that it may affect other popular tourist areas.

If you do choose to stay in the Trafalgar Square area (which is again, where our London space is located), please take this as a prewarning, and don’t be alarmed by the protesting. It is most likely going to be completely peaceful, with the only disruption being traffic in transport systems/ensuring extra time to make travel.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Wanted to share this, since I know myself and several others will be arriving on the Thursday, and will be looking to use the space during the daytime

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Thanks for the heads up @tad

Yes, thank you!

Good to know! Thank you @Tad!~