Mozilla and the Rebel Alliance Report is Now Live

We’re thrilled to finally publish the Mozilla and the Rebel Alliance report, a comprehensive set of analyses of contribution to the Mozilla project. This builds on foundational work we did in 2017. The link above will take you to an interactive network representation of our contributor communities as well as the full report in .pdf format.

Highlights include:

  • Network graph visualizations of contribution across all platforms and contributor segments
  • A look at the health of 10 Mozilla sponsored open source projects
  • Analysis of contributor social connectedness and impact
  • Analysis of non-employee contribution to high value regression bugs
  • Results from an updated contributor survey

And some fun facts!

  • 52% of all contributions* to Mozilla in 2018** were from community members
  • Core contributors participate in an average of 4.3 projects.
  • Community contributions makeup 58% of all filed regression bugs
  • Rust had the highest 1st and 2nd year retention rate in 2018
  • Per survey results, most contributors are from Europe

Still, it’s important to note what isn’t captured in the report: the value of social connections and the learning and the mutual support we find together in our communities… These intangibles are hard to quantify, but they’re the essence of Mozilla’s communities of builders and makers and dreamers.

We are deeply indebted to each and every one of our community members. We’re in awe of the passion and commitment you bring. Over 14,000 of you helped us bring our mission and products to life in 2018!* Cheers to many more years together, fighting for the open web and fulfilling, protected digital lives for all.

Any questions? Drop us a note here or to rebelalliancereport@mozilla .com

*Please see the report for definitions and methodology.

**The report covers data through 2018