Reps Surveys 2023

Hello everyone,

As events and activities are re-starting in our local communities, we think this is a good moment to make the point on what the Reps are doing, what they wish to do, and what they need support on.

For these reasons we have prepared two surveys (links were sent to the Reps Mailing list, please let us know if you did not receive the email)

The first survey is mandatory, and needs to be completed by May 10th.

This survey aims to understand which Reps are active, which Reps are not active but wish to be, and which Reps are not going to be active anymore.

If you are not active but wish to be, we will reach out to help you become active.

Those that do not answer and those that let us know that they are not going to be active in the future will be passed to alumni status.

The second survey is optional and anonymous. Here we ask more questions about what kind of activities you would like to carry out, what kind of support you would like to receive, and what kind of recognition you think community members would like to receive.

Please let us know if you have any questions,

The Reps Council.


Thanks for this, great to see something happening again from the council site!

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Dear Mozilla Reps,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to encourage you to take the two important surveys before May 21st. These surveys will help Mozilla understand your needs and preferences as a representative, current state and will help shape the future of the program.

The first survey is the Reps Activities Survey, which will help the Council understand the current state of the community and gauge where its interests lie. The second survey is the Reps General Survey, which is anonymous and will help us understand the community on a deeper, more emotional level.

In this effort to reactivate global communities, we request you to take 30 minutes of your time to complete both forms and provide valuable insights that’ll help us to represent the community in front of Mozilla leadership.

Your input is important and will help the Council better serve the Mozilla Reps community. Thank you for your time and dedication to the Mozilla Reps program!

Mozilla Reps Council


A few months ago, you may remember that there were two surveys published to help the Reps Council better understand activity in the Reps community and the challenges that you were experiencing. We are sorry for the time that this has taken to compile, but today we are presenting the results.

There were many responses, so to help the results make sense they have been anonymised and grouped together by theme. You may think that we should have used different groups - that is okay. In fact, we would welcome your feedback on these results and how we can take this forward in this thread.

You can see the two survey results at:

Reps - Activity Survey

Reps - General Survey