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(David Weir) #1

Hello at present we have got the Facebook group and the Facebook Like page we also have the mailing List

By the way @williamr is on the group as a admin but he left Mozilla, Dave Hylands is still with Mozilla

I was thinking maybe keeping the group on facebook and getting rid of the mailing list but then possible getting a contributors category on this or @emma_irwin suggested to me a while ago about merging it with Guides but I believe guides is getting taking down

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

I’m agree with that, Mozilla have a big problem of fragmentation for all the service that they use for manage the community.
Is a chance to improve our effort as admins of Mozilla Contributors in a “standard mozilla way” with discourse in a real forum not a fb group (with all the limit of that platform).

(Noitidart) #3

I’m not good with mailing lists, i find it hard to find them (then finding the join button). I don’t have a facebook. Is there any other way? What about the meetup page?

Discourse would be awesome however its not active :frowning: I post something on stackoverflow and get reply within minutes on discourse it would be nice to see that. I know stackoverflow is huge, but i was apart of a forum with just 5000 members and posts would come in instantly, even just frinedly posts if not directly helpful to the topic question. I think these frinedly posts build morale/community.

(Rubén Martín) #4

Where did you get no replies? :wink:

(Rubén Martín) #5

Shouldn’t this topic be moved to Mozillians or meta category?

(David Weir) #6

@lharris Hey made the post about the contributors facebook page here should I get a admin to move it to Mozillians or meta

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #7

Maybe getting rid of the mailing list is a good idea, after all, cus only spammers post there.

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #8

I think I agree with Daniele on this topic, completely.

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #9


(Tom Farrow) #10

This is interesting.

So, I keep hearing about this project from you but haven’t had time to focus on what it actually is and what you’re trying to do

Maybe you could clear some things up that probably matter to how you move forwards on this idea:

  • What’s the current problem you want to solve?
  • Why did you start this?
  • What are the so-far outcomes of what you’ve been doing? What is working? What isn’t?

(David Weir) #11
  • What’s the current problem you want to solve?
    For all contributors to have a place to hang out and speak to each other also for them to ask contributor related questions

  • Why did you start this?
    As I know we have yammer but there is a lot of contributors on social media

  • What are the so-far outcomes of what you’ve been doing? What is working? What isn’t?

We did not set up any out comes but I can tell you we have a lot of people on the channel but they dont seam to post also the like page was getting liked

the idea for the like page was for contributors to ask questions about contributing at Mozilla also for newbies to find out about contributors at Mozilla

PS for @AprilMorone I have filled a bug out for the mailing list to be deleted I said on the bug about the spam

(Yousef Alam) #12

This would be the Mozillians category.

(Emma Irwin) #13

So first of all @williamr is still a Rep, and so still with Mozilla as far as I’m concerned.

secondly I really don’t want to see any new solutions that involve a mailing list as a collaborative solution. One way ‘info’ news, sure, but not for this purpose.

I think FB can be great for private groups, where people feel they need a safe place to talk etc. Or they are a compliment to an existing channel(mailing list) but usually that’s more divisive than complimentary.

Stackoverflow is an established forum, with investment of community and leadership over a number of years. Discourse at Mozilla is just getting going, but has the same huge potential with investment. Abandoning ship when it’s not active right away - will just lead to more of the same.

I would encourage you to invite more contributors here, if they feel they need a specific forum ‘contributors’ then we can probably do that. The nice thing about Discourse is we can see each other. We don’t need to go elsewhere to find out about Reps, or Community Ops, it’s all here -it connects us.

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #14

@emma_irwin: Good points you made. I agree with you about those points.Those points are quite (very) valid and make a lot of sense.

BTW, Glad that William is still with us.

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #15

@satdav Ty for having done that. :slight_smile:

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #16

Yes, it was the idea of the Like page for people to ask questions, but they still mainly ask questions on the main group group on FB or in private message to me on FB (and sometimes in private to me via e-mail letter, instead of e-mailing to the Mozilla Contributors e-mail address of group. Should we nix that or keep that, too, still, of the Like page on FB?

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #17

I think what isn’t working is the Contributors Like page that we have on FB and the mailing list, too.

(Noitidart) #18

Thanks @nukeador :smile:
Just here and there, just wish it was more active and more friendly and more collaborative.

I like ask.m.o but thats very quiet too :frowning:

(Emma Irwin) #19


What do you think would make it more collaborative?

(Noitidart) #20

Thanks for asking @emma I’m not sure how to get to that point. But I remember I used to be apart of a community which felt very tight knit. Someone posted saying that wanted a new avatar and a bunch of graphics people would offer a version within hours (only 5k members on that site with just a few hundred active).

People would be passionately writing tutorials on various stuff and other users would help review them on request.

Like I’ve been stuck asking someone to test my addon on a multi-monitor mac setup for a few days now, Im certain if I was on that community someone would have tested for me within minutes if not hours.

The way that community I think did it, was by creating teams out of the regular users. Creating user groups and putting them there. It took a lot of work so a dedicated stuff was put in place.

The community is still alive today although I am not apart of it so can’t vouch for how it’s doing but it seems pretty good:

But if we could get a community like that in the Mozilla/Firefox zone that would be spectacular. A mix of dev, non-devs, fans, etc. I’m not sure how to go about it though, as implementing a staff before the community base exists will just make the staff a failed experiement and will make us think twice before trying it again. The community i mentioned saw the users were getting active, as in the beginning all new members are very passionaite, so they were active between each other without any staff involvment. Then they put in a place to continue to fuel that collaboration between members socially. I think they got lucky to do that at the right time, as if you wait to long members lose their passion. And still even after staff came in people do eventually maybe move on.

I just recall that every member of that forum became a valuble contributor somehow. I would love to see that in Firefox. Disclaimer haha :stuck_out_tongue: This isnt a plug to make me staff I actually do a ton of development and won’t have time for those staff activities.