Mozilla Contributors


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #21

For me Mozilla Contributors is this discourse site, the users here are contributors for the many area of Mozilla.
I think that the missing part is the social on this site, share the better discussions on social for improve the discussions outside the contributors is the future.
For me Mozilla Contributors need to close their Facebook group and page to move on Mozilla Partecipation facebook page and twitter and promote the interesting discussion on this forums (the many mozilla discourse sites) outside.
In this way the people discover that we don’t use only the “private” mailing list but we discuss in the public about our ideas, problems, projects etc.
Sometimes the people need a response that is perfect for a forum. I see on reddit many discussion like:

I think that this discussions in this site have a cool and interesting exchange of information but in reddit the mozillians don’t partecipate very much.

So the conclusion is we need a new method to talk with the people outside the community, army of awesome is an example that i think we need to adapt for other situations.

I don’t know, the idea is cool but is only for the Gecko platform.

(David Weir) #22

Hello everyone so you are aware we have changed the now of the group to Mozillians

Also the irc Channel now redirects to the Mozillians one and we deleted the mailing list

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #23

Same. But, yes, that us not too active, anymore. May we still keep it, though?

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #24

Correct. It now does redirect to Mozillians.