Mozilla India website needs you

Last week there was a MozCoffee and it was pointed out by campus club coordinators that our onboarding process needs to be improved. Also, earlier in a telegram chat the same issue had propped up.

In order to fix that, the first point of contact for many people - that is, the website needs to be revamped. I have laid the groundwork with a new layout that is based on bulma and that uses pure html which hopefully allows a lot of newcomers to contribute. If you head over to now you can see this new website in action. Towards the lower side there is space to list down all sub-communities of India. This is well in line with Mozilla’s 2019 strategy to catalyze diverse communities in India wherein there is a central dashboard of all communities.

The source code is at and I invite contributions from everyone to improve and expand our website.


Hey Akshay, this looks cool!

And is definitely in line with what we want to build with the community tool we hope will eventually connect groups and contributors across all Mozilla communities. I also love your prominent display of the CPG link!

A quick idea to improve this site’s usefulness: In the “How do I contribute?” section, you could link to the Activate site so contributors can discover the most important contribution areas for Mozilla right now, and easy ways to get involved right away.

Also the contribute wiki page isn’t that beautiful but it’s still a great resource for people to discover contribution areas and the specialist programs available at Mozilla could link to that too.

Why not include all of the groups from the pilot? There are many great groups doing good work for Mozilla’s mission, it would be more in line with Mozilla’s guidelines about being inclusive to highlight them all!


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Thanks for the suggestions.

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