Community Group Portal 101

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to share a brief update on the Group Registration Portal with you. As a reminder, the goal of this community portal is to create a central place for Mozillians to be able to find, discover and collaborate across Mozilla community groups. It is currently being piloted in India. As part of the Mission Driven Mozillians Project we are constantly thinking about how can we improve the experience of community members that are passionate about contributing to Mozilla’s vision & values.

What is it?

  • A pilot that is being tested (on Splash) of the experiences and values of a centralized portal to house key information about community groups in India.
  • 13 groups have volunteered to be a part of the V2 Registration Pilot (see them here!)
  • Insights and feedback are being collected through research, surveys and community calls.
  • We are testing whether a global open community portal fosters collaboration between groups, addresses challenges behind groups getting recognition and allows new people to explore and join groups based on their interests across communities.

If you would like more information on the Group Registration Pilot, please look at these links below. If you have any additional questions please write to mrinalini (at) mozilla (dot) com or aranjan (at) mozilla (dot) com


The Community Portal has it’s own category now!