Mozilla localization, Firefox, Common Tangers Morroco

(Muḥend Belqasem) #1

Between last 9/01/2019 and 16/01/2019 I was in Tangers, Morroco to talk about language revitalization and Opensource tools/corpora.

I gave a talk about Mozilla’s projects and especially about localization, Firefox, voice corpora (Common voice) … and their impact on the language especially minor/indiginous languages like Kabyle.

The meeting gathered language activists from Kabylia (Algeria), Rif (Morroco) and Basque (Spain and France).

(Slimane Amiri) #2

It was a very beneficial communication, the three team shared their experience, a very rich exchange. Thanks Muhend Belqasem.

(Rubén Martín) #3

Glad to see this meeting happening.

Please, let us know any conclusions or notes from it :slight_smile:

(Muḥend Belqasem) #4

Yes more collaboration between teams. A meeting in Tizi ouzou (Kabylia) is planned this year in Tizi ouzou with activists from Basque to talk about localization corpora, content…etc. See how to add the Rifain language and other North African Berber Languages (Some of them have no iso 639-2 alpha 3 code. They have ISO 639-3 codes)…

I think common Voice should be opened for ISO 639-3 languages and not only 639-2 alpha 3 languages.

We also talked about an opensource morphosyntactic corpus project. Maybe with Mozilla.

(Michael Kohler) #5

The sentence collector uses by default ISO 639-1/2. But we also have several languages enabled that are only part of ISO 639-3. If there is no blocker from the Common Voice side to use a ISO 639-3 language, I don’t think there is a problem adding it. @nukeador remind me, have we defined a process on how to request new languages?

(Rubén Martín) #6

We follow pontoon languages, once it’s created there, voice-web and the sentence collection tool follow the code there.