Mozilla Location Service delivers incorrect locations when logged in to "DB Wifi" => Wifi in German Railway Wifi

Some German trains deliver free Wifi (SSID: “WIFIonICE” or “WIFI@DB”). When I am connected or close to such a wifi, Mozilla location service returns incorrect locations. It provides different locations, but most of the times its a larger railway station in Germany, p.ex. Hannover or Darmstadt.
It would be best to exclude these wifis from the Service.

Thank you for this report. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do quickly to remove these stations, and it may be broken for a while.

The Mozilla Location Service doesn’t keep track of SSIDs, but instead the BSSID or MAC address of the WiFi access points. This is done for the privacy of WiFi access point owners, and to avoid issues if this changes. We can’t update the database based on the SSID alone.

The station update algorithm has the concept of Blocked Stations - WiFi stations that appear to move, and shouldn’t be used for location estimates. However, this requires updates from a submission report. We used to have a few apps that generated submission reports, but the last, Mozilla Stumbler, was retired in February 2021. We hoped a community member would create a new stumbling app, but that has not happened yet.