Mozilla-tts in firefox 'read viwe'

Is it posible to use mozilla-tts to read text in firefox ‘read viwe’ ?
If so … could someone make an step by step setup instruction or point to one if it exist already…

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It is not possible and I don’t see any intentions to pursue it :frowning:

That is to bad … it would be a perfect fit there for it …

@wartin.lindkvist just adding to erogol, good TTS currently is slower than realtime on a normal CPU or even smartphone. So you would have to process text beforehand or on a server. This makes it hard to use in production at the moment, but that will change eventually. Just not right now :slight_smile:

@othiele actually with the latest speedy speech implementation one can attain real-time easily on CPU too but it is not as Tacotron quality.

Totally true, but I guess wartin wants speech as good as in the samples or from Google which is generated locally as fast as you could read it. And we are not there, yet :slight_smile:

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