Help a user in need of a TTS

Hi sirs, I need your help. To get started, I would like to make it clear that I’m a language teacher that can’t stand and don’t have time and patience to programming and all issues involved in it. I was simply referred to Mozilla TTS by ChatGPT, when I was looking for a robutool to help me create conversations in different languages, accents, voice pitches and tones for my students. Trying to install MozillaTTS has made me waste a lot of time, since every thing I try to do presents errors that I don’t know what mean. So you have an idea, I was told to lower my version of Python. I am looking for a simple, efficient and fast way to put this to work in order to have my written conversations transformed in mp3 files. Would you help me, please?

Mozilla TTS is no longer supported. I suggest you look into eSpeak or Mimic 3 or Natural Readers. Many of the folks from Mozilla’s TTS project ended up at, however they don’t have any free / open source TTS products - their TTS is a commercial offering.

Oh unfortunately is not suitable for Brazilian private teachers because of its high smaller price of 20 dollars (BRL 103) for only 4 hours of voices a month. As for eSpeak, I have tried it but it lacked consistent support to help me make it work. Natural Readers is another one that is paid and therefore not adequate for private teachers and Mimic 3, I remember hearing of it but I don’t know the reason I didn’t use, perhaps because it is paid too.

Please in case you know of other open source 100% free that allow to build conversations between different people, kindly let me know. I need it very much.