📕 Mozilla Voice Community Playbook 1.1

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware that the Community Playbook you helped review is online on github pages:

I think this is a fundamental piece for language communities to keep the project active and running, as well as new communities creation.

Unfortunately I won’t be around Mozilla starting tomorrow to maintain it, but I trust your stellar self-initiative to continue the great work we have been doing together.



I was about to post about playbook last week, when I discovered this for the first time.
I was wondering how such a gem of a work was hidden all these years!

It should be linked somewhere so it can grab some eyeballs. If not in footer of the app, at least in the readme/ contributing.md files in github repo, …should have mentioned.
Thanks & all the best!

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The playbook was only recently released. Unfortunately Nukeador who authored it is no longer with Mozilla, and I don’t think there is any community management for this project anymore.

A few core common voice contributors have write access to the playbook and should be able to merge any updates by the community :blush:


Hey everyone :wave:t6:

We are currently reviewing the current version of the Community Playbook.

If you would like to get involved please check out this topic :slightly_smiling_face::