Mozilla webthings registration server

hello all,

I am currently having issues understanding why i am not receiving a valid certificate for my webthings gateway. I have configured my registration server as closely as i could described in this thread: When accesing the Registration server from url in docker logs i am getting Error was : NoRoute . However, I am still receiving errors about the certificate. I am slowly losing hope for this project as i just cant seem to find a good solution.

Can you paste the error log please

[2022-03-25T15:13:52Z INFO registration_server::routes] GET /subscribe?name=asdfzxcvewr&
[2022-03-25T15:13:52Z INFO registration_server::routes] subscribe(): Trying to subscribe:
[2022-03-25T15:13:52Z INFO registration_server::routes] GET /setemail?token=111e0b7b-22d3-4feb-b22f-4f369eca5e02&
[2022-03-25T15:16:02Z ERROR registration_server::email] send(): Error sending email: Io(Os { code: 110, kind: TimedOut, message: “Connection timed out” })
[2022-03-25T15:16:02Z ERROR registration_server::routes] set_email(): Failed to send email: ()

do i need to correctly setup the email or is there something going on with LE not being able to authenticate the domain? I am running a docker container on AWS and i believe i have setup the NS record and SOA correctly.

this is what i am seeing on the gateway as well

is the e-mail a valide e-mail address?
also is your server is able to send e-mail?(does the smtp configuration are correcte) the [e-mail] section must be correctly filled

yea i fixed that part. however google’s smtp is not sending the email for me :frowning:
for some reason it must be valid because now i have different errors from the gateway.

be sure this part is correctly configured in your docker image
also take a look at your docker log file for pagekit

host = “”
http_port = 81
domain = “”
db_path = “/home/user/data/domains.sqlite”

api_ttl = 1
dns_ttl = 86400
tunnel_ttl = 60
socket_path = “/tmp/pdns_tunnel.sock”
caa_records = [
“0 issue “””,
mx_records = []
ns_records = [
[ “”, “” ],
txt_records = []
soa_record = “ 1 7200 900 1209600 86400”
www_addresses = [

default = “”


server = “
user = “"
password = "
sender = "
reclamation_title = “Reclaim your WebThings Gateway Domain”
reclamation_body = “”“Hello,

Your reclamation token is: {token}

If you did not request to reclaim your gateway domain, you can ignore this email.”""

confirmation_title = “Welcome to your WebThings Gateway”

confirmation_body = “”“Hello,

Welcome to your WebThings Gateway! To confirm your email address, navigate to {link}.

Your gateway can be accessed at https://{domain}.”""

success_page = “”" Email Confirmation Successful!

Thank you for verifying your email.


error_page = “”" Email Confirmation Error!

An error happened while verifying your email.


I believe this is configured correctly. or atleast configured to how i understood it in the other thread

this is the registration server config, take a look at the pageKite config

GNU nano 4.8 /opt/docker/registration-server/config/pagekite.conf

wait are you talking about from the gateway? i was running ubuntu 20 and realized pagekite probs wont run on that because of python3 switch. so im spinning up a new vm to test that part out

the gateway shouldn’t be the issue, but if you want to be sure, you could try to run both on docker(gateway and registration server)

so it would appear maybe im still having an issue with my dns. so the gateway wasn’t the issue :smiley: . I just dont really have a clue why the registration server logs are complaining about my domain. i can access the domain {} and the subdomain {} from the internet.

the left windows is a cli from the gateway or the registration server?

left is cli for gateway. the right cli is for the registration server

let’S first fix the e-mail issue:
try as server:

then we could try to figure out the missing dns record for the challenge

Thank you. it worked my friend. it still wont send my email through my google account via smtp. i had to fix the sender. THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIEND