MR1 work for mobile

Hello localizers,

We have recently learned that MR1 work will also happen on mobile, for both Android and iOS. This is similar to the desktop UI redesign that Flod has been communicating about regularly.

I am currently working closely with UX to understand which terms are going to change, and how this work impacts l10n. After a first analysis, the amount of string rework for MR1 should be very little compared to desktop, and will mostly affect Firefox for iOS. I will be able to give more details after Easter (since most people are off right now).

Some dates:

Firefox for Android strings should have started landing and will land until April 15th. You will then have until April 20th to complete and test the remaining work.

Firefox for iOS strings should land all in one bulk on April 8th, and you will have until April 29th to complete and test your work.

Stay tuned for more information coming up soon!


Quick update: it took us a little bit more time than expected to get the Firefox for iOS strings ready, but they should now be available in Pontoon.
There are 62 new strings, and this should be the bulk of MR1 strings for Firefox iOS.
Screenshots will be made available very soon, please check the resource link on Pontoon for this. I will send out a notification once they are updated.

Strings for Firefox for Android are still landing until April 15th. Most of the MR1 Android strings should have already landed.


Today was the deadline for MR1 Android strings to land. This should be the bulk of it. Please remember to test your work against the latest Nightly that can be found here.

It seems that a string fell through the cracks for iOS, but I am waiting to hear back.
Testing for iOS with screenshots has been put in place, and can be found here.

You may also have noticed there have been some previous strings in iOS that are shown as rejected now on Pontoon - and so appear missing. We are really sorry for this inconvenience. The iOS team is working on this so that this does not happen again.

thanks everyone!

I just landed the extra string for MR1 on Pontoon for Firefox for iOS.
Deadline for l10n and testing (screenshots will be updated again this week and right before the deadline) remains April 29th.

Firefox for Android might have to update their schedule if they need more strings. I’m waiting to hear back, and will report back here once I do.

Please stay tuned!